Frequently asked questions

We've added a new page to our website for FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).


One question we often get asked by new players is 'what should I wear for airsoft'?

We recommend full length trousers and top, such as jeans or cargo pants and either a softshell jacket or military style jacket. Perhaps with a long sleeve T-Shirt underneath in case you need to strip down! We recommend skin to be covered during play.


One of the most important consideration is footwear due to uneven terrain. Hiking or combat boots are highly recommended – no trainers, these will encourage ankle injury. Make sure you have the correct support.

These clothes will protect against BBs and prickly vegetation, and allow you to feel or at least hear BBs hitting your person. Avoid hoodies or sweat shirts, as you will likely get too hot, or worst of all not hear or feel BBs hitting you, which could mean you are ejected from the game for not playing honestly!

While most players like to wear some type of camouflage it’s not essential, an ‘operator or private military contractor’ look can easily be achieved with jeans and a checked shirt.

Do not worry too much, everyone was new once and we attract a lot of new players to every event!! Teams are divided by clothing colour but this is overridden by an issued red or blue armband

Walk On 

A 'Walk On' player is one who has bought everything they need to play, as opposed to a 'Hire' player who'll need to rent the equipment from us

Hire Package 

Our Hire package consists of an Airsoft weapon, eye protection (over 18’s) a paintball style mask for under 18’s year olds 
Depending on what style of weapon you have selected for the assault weapon a full hicap magazine of bbs and two full magazines for the sniper rifle and That should be enough to last you the day but if you use it all we always have more for sale. You must provide your own boots with good ankle support, trainers etc are not strong enough and you will not be able to take part without the proper footwear, some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty or ripped. 

You'll be given instruction on how to safely use the weapon and the rules and safety instructions will be fully explained.

We recommend you wear full face protection.

Power Limits - Joules & FPS Limits 

All weapons will be tested before being allowed in game the stated power limits are absolute maximum, any weapon over the above limits will not be allowed to be used. 

Based on 0.2g bb but will be tested with actual weight being used by player. 
2.31 Joules / 500 fps - Bolt Action Sniper Rifles only
1.49 Joules / 400fps - Single shot DMR’s mechanically locked to semi 
1.1 Joules /  350 fps - Full Auto Rifles, Support Weapons and Pistols

Sniper and DMR Weapons Minimum Engagement Distance (MED) 20m
Assault/SMG Weapons max 25RPS 
Support Weapons (real world not a M4 with Box Mag)35RPS 

DMR - Gas, AEG or HPA one bb in the air at any time
Sniper/DMR One bb in the air or as fast as you can recycle your bolt

How much does it cost? 
For a 'Walk On' player the cost is £30 for the day 
For 'Hire' players the cost is £40, this includes weapon, eye protection and ammunition. 

What is the minimum age?
This depends on the site we are running events at. 
At Elsham Activity Centre the lowest age is 12.
At our other sites the lowest age is 14.
Please note that anyone under 16 MUST have a parent or Guardian present on site at all times, even if they do not intend to play.