Airsoft is a game of honour.

Take your First Person Shooter gaming to whole new level, get out from behind the screens and get stuck in to some real life action playing Airsoft. 


Well, Airsoft is all that, but for big boys and girls.


The equipment and clothing is just like you have seen in your favourite game franchise or latest blockbuster movie. 

Airsoft weapons are usually very accurate copies of real world rifles, pistols etc.


In recent years Airsoft has been constantly growing, and it’s now taking over from Paintball as the modern combat sport. Think of Airsoft as being like Paintball, but without the mess, and with loads more realism and excitement and a lot more accurate. 


Move over Paintball,  Airsoft is here!


You don’t have to be mega fit or rolling in money to play either. We can hire you everything you need to play and enjoy the day. Our regulars have bought their own equipment and they’re always happy to advise new players and help them decide what to buy.


The game itself is quite simple. At the most basic level we have two teams (let’s call them the Red and Blue teams) and they’re set tasks to achieve. The task might be as simple as catching the opponents base or something more complex such as locating and rescuing downed pilot and escorting him back to the safety of your base whilst fending off the opposing team of fifty or so players all within a 30 minute game time.


So how do you know you’ve been hit?

With Paintball it was very easy: a splat of pink paint marked the spot. Airsoft is completely different and relies on player honesty. The games are heavily marshaled, but the staff mainly keep a watching brief and ensure safety. At the end of the day it’s all about honour, knowing when you have been hit and calling yourself out. That’s when you have to take the lonely walk back to the Safe Zone, wait around for the next game and start all over again.


At Advance 2 Contact we operate at Elsham Activity Centre exclusively at the moment but have a number of other sites coming to offer players a wide range of environments to play in. Everything from huge woodland areas to a hot dusty desert landscape and a massive urban complex.


We have to warn you that once you take the plunge there’s no turning back. The worm has well and truly turned. It won’t be long before you find yourself buying your own equipment and becoming a regular.